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tv   Today  NBC  January 12, 2013 5:00am-7:00am PST

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rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. the calendar may say january, but it's certainly going to feel more like spring in the east later today. out west, though, there are blizzard warnings in the plains, subzero temperatures across much of the rockies. we'll have a live report from one of those hard-hit areas in just a moment. then the flu outbreak, as you know, is now widespread, almost every state is feeling the effects. health officials say getting the flu vaccine may be one of the best defenses against the virus. yet with all this publicity out there, why are so many people putting it off? we'll talk to a doctor who says that's not a good idea. >> do you have your shot? >> i did. >> i did, too. >> apparently it takes up to 14 days to be effective, so i'm still in that window. >> you're in that window? >> yeah. >> then stay away from me, lester holt. a murder mystery involving a man who died of cyanide poisoning weeks after winning a million-dollar lottery jackpot.
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a scientist says his body will be exhumed as his wife speaks out. and thinking of buying a house? the government's out with new rules aimed at preventing fraud. could they also stop you from being approved for a loan? jean chatzky will be along with important answers for you. and just a little bit later, we are looking ahead to the golden globes. in a roomful of a-list celebrities, all eyes will be on hosts tina fey and amy poehler. what you can expect from the two longtime friends as they get set to headline hollywood's favorite party. we begin with the big winter storm in the plains. the weather channel's janelle klein is in grand forks, north dakota. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. there aren't many cities that know extreme winter weather like grand forks, north dakota, but this storm is putting even the toughest people here to the test. it started with freezing rain that left behind a thick coating of ice followed by about eight inches of snow. then came the wind.
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gusts of up to 30 miles an hour that sent windchill temperatures well below zero in places as cold as 30 degrees below zero. it's made travel almost impossible with slick roads and blowing snow. the storm has caused similar conditions throughout the west, reaching spots like salt lake city and albuquerque, but it's at his worst right here inned h dakota. the hockey team has a big series this weekend with colorado college, and its 12,000-seat arena is sold out. but at least 3,000 seats were empty for last night's game. and fans tonight, lester, are hoping the storm stops at least long enough so they can make it to tonight's game. >> janelle klein, thanks. how long could the cold last out west and what about those balmy temperatures we're expecting in the east? dylan dreyer is upstairs with more on that picture. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at still winter snow advisories, windchill advisories, winter storm warnings posted all across the northern plains, even blizzard
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warnings still in effect. however, the snow itself is winding down, for the most part, in that area. it's not as widespread, not as intense. but now it's all about the wind. and winds will continue to gust up to about 30 to 35 miles per hour. temperatures are cold enough. we've got temps down in the single digits and even below zero in extreme northeastern montana. but then you factor in that wind on top of it, and it feels like it's about 5 to almost 20 degrees below normal and below zero, actually. we are actually going to be about 27 degrees below normal out west. it's really the tale of two halves of this country here with the jet stream really dipping down all the way into the southwest. but in the northeast, it's a whole different situation. we've got high temperatures about 30 degrees above normal expected today and even into tomorrow as well. we will most likely break records today across southern ohio into kentucky. and the southeast will enjoy temperatures today well into the 70s. and it's actually going to stick
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around through the end of the weekend and even the start of next week. lester? >> dylan, thanks very much. we'll get the national forecast from you in just a moment. we want to turn now to the deadly nationwide flu outbreak. it's now widespread in 47 states. yet just a third of americans have gotten a flu shot. so are you putting yourself and others at risk if you don't get one? dr. steven lamb is a faculty member at new york university school of medicine. dr. lamb, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> normally you come on and give me a shot. i couldn't wait this year. i took care of it. people who have not gotten the shot, is there a good reason for some people not to get the shot? >> not really. look, we've been vaccinating people for 50 years or so. i think that the concern that i have right now with this epidemic is that number one, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to induce enough ant bo ibodies for people to be
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protected. the people at risk for the most serious influenza side effects are those who will have the least reaction to the vaccine. so the elderly, the immunocompromised, they don't mount a powerful immune reaction. so they're still going to be at risk. if you're exposed right now, the vaccine is not likely to do very much for you, and you'll probably need to speak to your doctor and consider other measures such as antiviral medications. >> someone like me, i had mine i think six or seven days ago. if someone in my household has the flu, i'd be better off still getting an antivirus? >> you're basically a healthy person, so you could weather this storm. but just because you've gotten the vaccine, unfortunately, doesn't mean that you're necessarily protected. for example, even this year, we know that 4 out of 10 people who have been vaccinated don't mount enough of an immune reaction where they're protected. so even though you've gotten vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get the flu. you can. what sometimes happens is the vaccine reduces the severity and
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the complications. but, you know, look, i'm a big supporter of the vaccine, but i have some concerns about efficacy in the entire population. >> let's say it's 100% match. if you're relying solely on the shot, is that enough? >> no. >> or are there other things we could be or should be doing? >> the most important thing you can do is wash your hands. they've actually done clinical trials to show that influenza virus is spread less in population who literally wash their hands. the other thing is, let's stand about six feet away from each other because the droplet -- the infectious particles -- have to travel a certain distance. it's a little hard in a crowded subway, elevator, the airplane, but stay away from people, don't shake people's hands as often. >> you walked in this morning. i hadn't seen you, and we shook hands. is this a time that maybe we say look, a little less social? >> it's probably a good idea, during this time of year. >> dr. lamb, good to have you on. let's get a check of the other top stories from jenna
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wolf. good morning. >> all hugs, lester, moving forward. no more handshakes. lance armstrong reportedly plans to admit to doping during an upcoming interview with oprah. "usa today" citing an anonymous source says that armstrong is planning to tell oprah about using performance enhancing drugs during his career. there has been no confirmation from armstrong or his attorney, but he apparently wants to competing in triathlons or running events. the interview is scheduled to be taped on monday and broadcast thursday night on the oprah winfrey network. there were angry outbursts in the colorado courtroom when a judge gave the accused shooter in the aurora movie theater massacre two more months to enter a plea. the judge granted the defense's request over the objections of prosecutors and victims' family members who want to see the case move forward. james holmes' lawyer says he's mentally ill, raising the possibility of an insanity defense. connecticut's chief medical examiner says sandy hook shooter
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adam lanza's brain appeared normal. the m.e. who conducted the autopsy on lanza said he didn't find any tumors or other deformities in the brain tissue, and he calls additional testing a fishing expedition that likely won't reveal a motive. if you have java software on your computer, you might want to think about disabling it at least for the time being. that's what the department of homeland security is advising because of a potential hacking attack. computer security experts believe hackers have found a flaw in java which is used to write a number of internet applications. they also warn not to get confused and stop drinking coffee. one storm and volcano in russia is dormant no longer, attracting scientists yet again. those scientists have been trying to get close to the first eruptions and lava flows. there's been no activity there in 40 years. they are trying to figure out why now? we also have some stunning images to show you of a dust storm just off the coast of
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australia. check out these photos. they were taken this week by a worker on a tugboat shortly before sunset. his thought bubble, this can't be good tore my sinus. that is the news. now back to lester. well, we're keeping it cool. i figure why not? >> jenna, thanks. dylan dreyer is back with the national forecast now. >> there's so much going on. we've got the eastern heat. we've got the western cold. we've got snow up across the northern plains. a little bit of everything out there. but for the east coast, that's where it's just going to be flat out nice. we're looking at sunshine. temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s across the northeast and mid-atlantic. we're even looking at mid-70s down across the southeast. but right in the middle of the country right where that cold front is, that's where we're going to see rain and heavier thunderstorms. northeastern texas right over into arkansas and western tennessee, there is the chance we could see some very strong storms later on this afternoon. and in the northern plains, again, that snow is winding down, but now it's all about the
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wind. and windchills will be brutally cold through the entire day. that's a look at cold temperature this is morning good enough for patchy frost possible in the north bay and east bay valleys. few clouds drifting by this afternoon. the next weather system will stay offshore and with the north breeze and cool start to the morning temperatures will be in the upper 40s to low 50s today with some partly cloudy skies. monday morning also looks fairly cold but the seven-day forecast this time of year looking dry. bit warmer towards the middle part of the week. and that is your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thank you. president obama's inauguration is little more than a week away, but he is already working on two priorities for his second term. gun control and afghanistan. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning to you. president obama doesn't have any events on his schedule today, but next week he will undoubtedly revisit the issue of
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gun safety as well as continue to fill out key posts in his administration. this after a week that ended with a focus on foreign policy. with america's longest war ongoing -- >> mr. president, welcome. >> reporter: -- president obama and afghan president hamid karzai met at the white house on friday and announced an agreement to speed up the handover of combat forces from u.s. to afghan troops, a deadline initially set for this summer, now moved to the spring. >> starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission, training, advising, assisting afghan forces. it will be an historic moment. >> reporter: but the larger question was unanswered, how many of the remaining 66,000 american forces will stay in afghanistan after 2014? the official end of combat operations. >> i can't give you arecise number at this point. i'll probably make a separate
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announcement once i've gotten recommendations from troops. >> reporter: president karzai didn't weigh in on the numbers. >> numbers are not going to make a difference to the situation in afghanistan. it's the broader relationship that will make a difference to afghanistan and beyond in the region. >> reporter: the foreign policy announcement caps a week that largely focused on domestic affa affairs. vice president joe biden who is heading a gun-safety task force held wide-ranging meetings to get input from victims and the entertainment industry. on friday biden suggested new technology could help. >> there's a lot that could change if, for example, every gun purchase could only be fired by the person who purchased it because literally it would be unable to be fired. >> reporter: the white house has also signaled it will pursue stiffer gun laws. meanwhile, analysts say the president has a chance to move his entire agenda forward when he delivers his upcoming inaugural address.
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>> i think he needs to address the divisions in the country and the ideological divide, and he needs to lay out a way forward. not just on the fiscal front but on some of the other challenges that face the country. >> reporter: now, white house officials tell me that president obama has started working on his inaugural address. meanwhile, vice president biden has said he plans to deliver his gun-safety recommendations to president obama as early as next tuesday. erica? >> kristen welker at the white house this morning, thank you. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> when we hear that vice president biden could deliver his recommendations on tuesday, obviously ahead of schedule, not what we're used to in washington, what are we expecting he will be telling the president? >> well, there are a few things that the task force is looking at. and there's a hierarchy of possibility among those things. universal background checks is one of the things that they've looked at that has a significant
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possibility of coming true because it doesn't have the specter of taking people's guns away, which is what gun rights advocates make the argument about. the second is the high-capacity magazines that go into some of these guns. there is some bipartisan support for that. and then finally, the question of the assault weapons ban which existed in the 1990s and expired. democrats have considered it too politically risky to push that and probably not going to be fruitful. however, there is a new moment of possibility for the president. and the question is going to be which of these things can he get? how quickly can he get them? can he get them all at once, or does he try to pursue them one by one? and that's a challenge and a strt strategy question for the white house, and it has risk for him as well because any time he spends on gun rights is time that he doesn't spend on fiscal issues or other issues that he cares about. >> the nra has said there's no way this is going to get through congress. there's been talk about whether
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or not the white house would take it on perhaps in executive order. how much could the president do, though, with something like that? >> i don't think he could do all that much with executive authority on the assault weapons ban. if he could, he would have done it already. so i think that's the big question legislatively as to whether he can achieve that which was very difficult to achieve for president clinton during the 1990s. and even though democratic politicians and even president bush, with he was in office and it expired, he nominally favored the resumption of that assault weapons ban. but the political resistance is very difficult to overcome. it is not clear even in a moment like this that the president could overcome it again this time. so how long do you want to try? how much energy and political capital do you want to invest in attempting to do that? >> turning now to afghanistan, president obama and afghan president hamid karzai announcing this accelerated time line for u.s. troops leaving afghanistan. what's really behind that move? >> what's behind it is the
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president has made the decision to bring that war to a conclusion. and once you turn that corner, the pacing of it can accelerate beyond what they initially had projected. you know, this is a president who's increasingly confident. one of the characteristics we've seen of president obama since his re-election is he's confident in his own instincts and his ability to push his policies. i think because the american people have decidedly turned against that war as they had against the iraq war, there isn't much political downside for the president unless you have some catastrophic degradation of the situation in afghanistan that causes people to say, hey, wait a minute. this president's moving too fast. >> john, nice to see you this morning. thank you. >> you bet. and once again, here's lester. >> erica, thanks. the federal government says boeing's new 787 dreamliner is safe to fly even though there have been a series of well-reported problems with the cutting-edge aircraft model this week. it's a humiliating setback for
5:17 am
boeing. we get the latest from correspondent tom costello. >> reporter: in san jose friday, the newest 787 dreamliner entered service for japan's nippon airways, the same airline which the same day also reported one of its 787s had developed a crack on a cockpit window. the latest in a string of embarrassments for boeing's state-of-the-art aircraft. the faa says it will conduct a thorough review of its power, electrical and battery systems. >> through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: the events have been mounting. on tuesday, a japan airlines 787 had to turn back to the gate after a fuel leak spilled 40 gallons onto the runway in boston. on monday, a fire in the belly of another japan airlines 787 was traced to an auxiliary power unit lithium battery pack.
5:18 am
in december a united 787 made an emergency landing in new orleans with an electrical problem. also in december a qatar airways was grounded in doha for a similar problem. and during a test flight two years ago, a fire forced another emergency landing. investigators determined a short caused the fire and boeing modified the plane. now boeing is speaking out. >> in short, we have complete confidence in the 787, and so do our customers. >> reporter: since entering service in october 2011, the 787 has logged more than 50,000 hours of flight. carrying more than 1 million passengers. while eight airlines fly the plane worldwide in the u.s., only united is flying it. >> there are going to be problems with a new airplane. it's quite common. >> reporter: while they may only be teething problems, they've also started to add up to a real pr problem. >> and it could be we reach a certain point where both airlines and the traveling public begin to adopt a wait-and-see attitude to wait for this jetliner to mature.
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>> reporter: both the faa chief and the secretary of transportation insist they have full confidence in the 787. and yet they have also ordered a thorough review of the plane. for "today," tom costello, nbc news at washington-dulles airport. once again here's erica. >> thanks. turning from planes to trains, specifically london's underground system known around the globe as the tube, it is the world's first subway system. and it is now celebrating its 150th anniversary. here's chatman bell. >> reporter: close to 250 miles of track. transporting more than 1 billion people a year. and in service since 1863. this week the london underground, the oldest in the world, celebrates its 150th anniversary. >> london was very crowded in the 19th century. so the idea came to try to unblock the london streets with an underground railway. >> reporter: considered a radical idea at the time, the tube eventually paved the way
5:20 am
for cities like new york and paris to create their own versions. it's almost seen it all. during world war ii, the station served as some of london's biggest bunkers with more than 100,000 londoners seeking refuge in the tunnels. talk show host jerry springer was born in one during the war. in 1969, it was given the royal seal of approval when the queen drove down the victoria line. in 2005, the tube was targeted by terrorists. three trains and a bus were bombed. 52 people lost their lives. almost 800 injured. the brits were undeterred. and it was the place to party a few years later on the eve of alcohol being banned on the network. even london's tourism trade celebrates the tube. mind the gap. and that map. it's had several runs on the big screen. co-starring alongside gwyneth paltrow and even james bond. through its 150 years, the
5:21 am
underground has caused conflict and compromise above ground. a new tunnel was accused of making big ben lean. and in the early days of the underground, these homes were torn down and replaced with a facade to make event from smoke and steam from the first train. the doors at these two addresses have been the source of countless pranks over the years played on taxi drivers and pizza delivery companies all around this neighborhood. to celebrate the big birthday this week, a few lucky passengers got the chance to ride on one of the original steam trains. in the first years it cost pennies for a one-way trip. today that same journey costs over $7. but it's still the best way to get around london. for "today," chatman bell, nbc news, london. still to come on a saturday morning, texting and driving. is there a reason people just can't put down that phone when they're behind the wheel? what you need to know before you head out on the road this morning. but first, this is "today" on
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still to come, nasa hangs a for rent sign on some of itself legendary real estate. speaking of space and travel, how about a view from above courtesy of the international space station.
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good morning to you. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving smoothly there. those folks might have had to scrape a little ice off the windshield this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. i had to dig through the car to -- >> yes, exactly that sound. the north bay and east bay cold enough for patchy frost or frosty windshield for the north bay and east bay valleys. 36 in san jose, kind of chilly right now. it will be a cool game toward the evening. 49ers about 49 degrees to start the game. >> sounds fair. >> that's a sign of good things to come we'll see. cold temperatures at candlestick and cool temperatures during the day even with the sunshine. we have one system there spinning down the coast. we'll watch that and see if it brings any coastal showers later in the evening. you can see in the futurecast
5:26 am
things looking dry as we head through the afternoon. temperature also stay cool today, upper 40s to low 50s and for this time of year a very dry and cold morning filled forecast straight through the week. oakland police are busy investigating four separate shootings that left four people dead. the shootings spanned different neighborhoods of the city from west oakland to deep east oakland and all took place within a span of about six hours, starting yesterday afternoon. this is the scene from the fourth shooting which happened around 8:15 last night on hillside street, not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the man pronounced dead at the scene. as of now there are no arrests in any of the killings. it is oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of which happened this week. a showdown over gun control laws is taking center stage right here in the bay area this morning. gun show in daly city is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. up to 10,000 people are expected
5:27 am
to crowd into the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace this weekend and they can expect plenty of protesters to greet them. the show includes more than 150 vendors selling everything from guns and ammunition to knives and jewelry. crossroads official attendance at the shows across the country has roughly doubled in the last few weeks over concern that congress and the president are about to approve stricter gun laws. the gun show's owner bob templeton was one of those discussing the issue with vice president joe biden earlier this week. >> we'd like to see mental health issues addressed, we feel we need more community help, resources, those are the things we think need to be addressed before we go down the slippery slope of gun control. >> reporter: sean richards started brothers against guns in san francisco's bay view after his brother was shot and killed in 1995. that group is just one of many expected to be out in force protesting the show later this
5:28 am
morning. also come up this morning on "today in the bay" we hear from the family of murdered nursing student michelle lei, what life is like for them after her killer's conviction. all of the news and the 49ers forecast coming up at 7:00. more local news in 30. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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we are back on a saturday morning, january 12, 2013. friends on the plaza. boy, they picked a good day for it. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. coming up this half-hour, now that the shuttle program is history, outside of some of nasa's most iconic buildings at the kennedy space center, you may be interested to hear who may be moving in. then from nasa's launchpad to the international space station, an astronaut there is becoming a star on twitter thanks to stunning images like these. we'll look at the view from space coming up. plus, if you're thinking of buying a new home or maybe refinancing, the government is out with some new rules that could have a major effect on us. we'll tell you what's coming down the line. a bit later, she's considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. why are so many people saying
5:30 am
the duchess of cambridge's new portrait is a royal miss? >> ouch. >> i think that's strong. >> maybe a little strong. >> maybe not the most flattering picture. >> a lot of reaction. >> yeah. we will hear more from the other side of the pond. we want to begin this half-hour with a look at texting and driving. we all know that it's a huge problem, distracted drivers sending or reading text messages from behind the wheel can and do cause deadly crashes. and when they do, many say their punishment does not fit the crime. here's rock center's kate snow. >> reporter: david maklosky was taking his morning walk when he was struck and killed by a car driven by 19-year-old whitney yeagher. she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for misdemeanor vehicular homicide. >> i felt sick, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: you lost your husband and she got 45 days in jail. >> i felt betrayed by the system that was put in place to help the victims. >> reporter: whitney yeagher
5:31 am
declined our request for an interview. in a letter to nbc news, her lawyer said she's been ordered by the court to speak to young people about the dangers, and she hopes she can prevent other similar accidents. >> this is a problem that is on a scale beyond anything we've seen. >> reporter: distracted driving activist jennifer smith says texting and driving should be punished the same as drinking and driving. >> i remember growing up in the '80s. drfrg drunk drivers, you looked out for on holidays, late at night. this is something we have to be every day on the lookout for that person on the phone. >> i'm traveling north, and i see this black car speeding up the road -- >> reporter: it was about a year ago in pennsylvania. anthony armineo was driving with his father when he saw the car hit someone in the oncoming lane of traffic and then go airborne. in the air? >> in the air. >> reporter: in milliseconds you're seeing the car climb through the air -- >> like the passenger side, driver side, passenger side, driver side. and i literally remember saying
5:32 am
to myself, i said, i'm done. >> reporter: the car came crashing down right on top of the cab of anthony's truck. took about 45 minutes to cut him out. his father suffered severe injuries in the crash including a broken neck. anthony couldn't walk for months and needed constant care. despite multiple surgeries, he'll never fully recover. >> both of my legs broke, my knee completely destroyed. my hip broke and pelvis broke, and my brain's bleeding. i can't see out of my eyes. and here i am just a wreckage of myself. and you know, all this was inflicted upon me because you decided you had to send a text message? >> texting and driving is six to eight times as bad as driving drunk. >> reporter: six to eight times as dangerous? >> right. attention is -- >> reporter: paul atchley, the university professor who researched texting and driving for years, says there's a primal explanation for why we still do it. >> we get alert messages telling
5:33 am
us someone wants to know about us, they want to talk to us. that little alert message you get when you're texting -- >> reporter: that bloop -- >> that little bloop is giving you probably a rush of dopamine, too. >> reporter: so the need for the good feeling that you get when you text or you answer a text overrides your feeling that this is unsafe? >> yeah. >> reporter: which helps explain why he found in a recent study a staggering 97% of students admit to sometimes texting while driving even though they know the risks. for "today," kate snow, new york. let's head outside to the plaza to get a check of the weather from dylan. dylan? it is going to be really nice across the northeast, even the eastern half of the country will be seeing temperatures well above average. it does come with rain. and you can see the flash flood watches, and even winter weather advisories, in fact, posted. you see where the cold air is obviously from missouri right up into southwestern illinois, and the rain is going to come down very, very heavily from
5:34 am
nashville down into jackson, mississippi, new orleans, most likely picking up more than two inches of rain. as for snow on the back side of the system, it does look like a widespread one to three inches from chicago right down into columbus. we are looking at this cold front to slowly spread eastward. we could see somerapher downpours and stronger storms from northeast texas right on into western tennessee. the eastern half of the country will be about 15 to almost 30 degrees above normal. the west side of that front, though, could see temperatures 30 degrees below normal. go another chilly start around the bay area. we've got cold enough temperatures for patchy frost in the north bay and east bay and mainly clear skies but high clouds drifting in from time to time this morning and partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. we'll see another cool day close to the upper 40s to low 50s throughout the bay area with a slight risk of an isolated shower staying offshore later on in the afternoon. dry finish to the weekend with some frosty mornings, cool
5:35 am
temperatures, a bit warm ear approaching wednesday. >> of course for your forecast any time, you can always go to and you are here celebrating your seventh wedding anniversary. any special plans in new york? >> we're going to take and try to catch maybe a broadway show. something to eat. >> nice dinner, broadway show. perfect anniversary. thanks for spending it in new york. erica? >> thanks. with nasa's space shuttle program a thing of the past, the agency is looking to rent out some of its famous facilities in florida. mark potter has details. place in history is secured -- >> reporter: in july, 2011, america's long running space shuttle program came to an end. >> the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> reporter: when "atlantis" returned to earth for its final touchdown. >> its voyage at an end. >> reporter: with no further shuttle missions to support, much of florida's kennedy space center shut down. there were thousands of layoffs. furniture and equipment thrown into storage and historic
5:36 am
buildings closed. >> talk about a place in upheaval, that's what we have here. we have a huge space port looking for a job. >> reporter: federal funds to maintain the abandoned site in the florida heat and humidity run out this year. nasa has put out a for rent sign. >> nasa's looking like i've got a huge house here, i can't use all of it. i can't live in all of it myself. so let's rent some out. >> reporter: for rent now presumably by a private space exploration company is famed launchpad 39a from where man first went to the moon. also available, space insided vehicle assembly building, one of the largest in the country. originally used to build saturn rockets. nascar has already rented the shuttle landing strip to do time trials. boeing is using a hangar here to build a commercial spaceship. other deals are still being discussed, but the demand is not as great as nasa had hoped. >> there's a lot of uncertainty in the commercial space industry, in the nasa space
5:37 am
industry. so there's things have not necessarily evolved as quickly as we would have liked. >> reporter: the big question facing nasa, congress, and the white house is what will be the next mission for the u.s. space program. perhaps a return to the moon or a manned flight to mars. >> our program achieved what it set tout do, and the hardware is being recommissioned, retargeted, and reused for future programs. it's not as disheartening and sad as you might think. >> liftoff of the spacex -- >> reporter: preserving a glorious past to face the next frontier. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> a lot of real estate to deal with. >> maybe kids' birthday parties. throwing out ideas. >> i like your thinking. and lester will come and take care of the kids for you. >> balloon animals. ahead, why some women are ditching their diets for a new approach to getting fit. up next, new rules when it comes to getting a home mortgage. we'll tell you what you need to know in order to get a loan these days. [ male announcer ] on one corner,
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5:41 am
the mortgage bubble, it became way too easy to get a loan. incomes weren't verified. people had credit histories that were questionable. in 2010 during the whole dodd-frank legislation, the government basically said never again. and we need to put some rules in place to make sure that it doesn't happen. these new rules are a result of that. they go into effect in january of 2014. but essentially, they have defined something new. it's called a qualified mortgage. and it's tougher to get one of those. >> qualified mortgage, you need to check certain things off to get a qualified snoerj. >> you need to check -- mortgage? >> you need to check eight things off and so do the lenders. they're going to verify your income, assets, credit history, your employment, and most importantly, they're going to make sure that your total debt does not exceed 43% of your income. and if you're taking out an
5:42 am
adjustable-rate mortgages loan or loan with a teaser rate, that 43% is not going to include the low rate where you start. it's going to include a higher rate that you may pay later on. >> trying to protect you from yourself then. >> yes. some people think that 43% is high. but that's the goal. >> now does that change the amount that you need for a down payment, or is it strictly about the amount of debt you take on? >> it's about the debt. the down payment is not reflected, neither is the credit score which doesn't mean that your bank is not going to look at your credit score. if you have a lousy credit score, they're still going to charge you more money to get this loan. they may still require you to put a down payment. but not in these rules in particular. >> so i said at the outset this makes it harder to get a loan. was i entirely accurate here? >> it makes it harder to get a loan at a low interest rate that doesn't conform to these standards. banks are still allowed to make nonqualified loans. the difference is these qualified loans you can't have
5:43 am
interest-only loans. you can't have negative amortization where the principle grows over time. you can't have 40-year mortgages like -- >> with the loans i can't go back and say, wait a minute, they sold me a risky loan and -- >> you can't sue the lender. that's right. that's a very, very big difference between the qualified and the nonqualified. neither can the buy who buy these loans, the investors. >> but there are consumer groups -- back to what you said, 43%, that's a fair amount of debt to take on, especially if you're making $1,500 a month. >> right. consumer groups have two gripes with this. first, they do -- they think this is a little high. they think the fact that you can't sue the lender is an unnecessary provision. but in order to get the mortgage markets really churning again, the government felt that it was necessary. this came out of the consumer financial protection bureau. in general, over time, this should make things move along more smoothly. >> jean, thank you very much. >> sure. up next, the view from above. we'll show you some incredible images of earth as seen from the international space station. a can of del monte peaches?
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5:47 am
aboard the international space station. >> these images have captured the eyes and minds of so many people. his twitter following has grown from 20,000 to over 190,000 in just a couple of weeks. >> it's pretty easy to understand why if you look at some of the pictures. we thought we'd show a few this morning. this is one of the deserts in saudi arabia. >> of course it is. >> i mean, you can tell, right? the caption was "even from 400 kilometers up, you can sense the searing dryness of southern saudi arabia." >> definitely thought that was under water. >> i thought it was a dog. >> looks like rust. a rusted bridge or something. i don't know. >> i guess it's good we're not taking the pictures. we have no idea what we're taking pictures of. from the desert to the mountains in this next photo, look at these -- they're called glacier tongues into the himalayas. >> wow. >> the opposite of what we just saw. >> wow. so the photos show off so much of the natural beauty on the planet. in this next photo the lens captures a striking difference between natural and manmade landscape. look at that.
5:48 am
>> we're all just squinting at the screen trying to figure out what's going on. >> tweet -- >> humans need straight lines, natural doesn't. indecisive river and orderly farmers. central asia. he has a real sense of humor. i'm kidding. that's the river in northeast china. the straight line at the right is a railway line back there. >> and speaking of straight lines, hood had-- hadfield tweeted "our atmosphere has the distinct layers. the toposphere andistrate fe -- stratosphere as seen from orbit. >> you can't abbreviate. nobody knows what it is when the word's whole. >> right. >> i sounded smart, if i said it with more conviction -- >> we totally bought it. >> yeah. i think the third time you say it everyone will buy it. >> i'm going to go with sky. >> up there. >> we'll think about that for a
5:49 am
minute. ahead, wild weather, a lot going on in the sky up there. bitterly cold with blizzard conditions in parts of the west. the record highs coming to us in the east. how long will it last? [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic
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good morning. waking up in san jose, if you are looking out your window just twinkling lights, no sunrise just yet. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. you'll be wanting that sunshine because it's off to a cold start. >> it's been a cold week and low 30s around santa rosa, napa and conco concord. 32 in livermore. 35 in san jose, good enough for patchy frost this morning but nowhere as cold as i checked tahoe valley airport minus 9. >> no. >> dry air dropping from the north, cloud cover offshore that will spin down the coastline, we're planning on partly cloudy skies, upper 40s to low 50s, cool afternoon with the sunshine, tomorrow morning we're thinking it's going to be even colder, some drier air will come in so upper 20s, low 30s likely
5:56 am
tomorrow morning but a dry looking seven-day forecast, bundle up if you're lucky enough to go to the 49ers playoff game. >> if you have any plants left that might be the end of them tomorrow. thanks, rob. the murder of michelle lei is in the national spotlight today for the first time on "dateline" we saw the nursing student's convicted killer answering questions from investigators and lei's family is speaking out about the starting and gripping evidence. her cousin said it was hard to see the evidence as hayward police showed the family everything on september 7th, 2011, the same day they arrested esteb esteban. among the footage was esteban spending time at lei's school, oakland police saying trying to figure out lei's class schedule. she disguised herself wearing a lab coat and using a stolen i.d. >> premeditation and conscious
5:57 am
thinking behind her murder was really shocking. >> also revealed for the first time footage from esteban's interrogation where she admits she didn't like lei and when asked if she wanted something bad to happen to her one-time friend esteban said "no, i just want her to stay away from my child." the lei family has not spoken with esteban because she's not shown remorse or guilt for the murder, not even a month ago when she was sentenced. a public mem meal will be held for the petaluma teenager whose body was found in a tahoe snowbank. the cause of death is still pending. the 19-year-old got lost new year's eve after attending a music festival with friends. she was found dead four days later. today's public memorial is at 10:00 at casa grande high school gym. her family is asking for people to wear pink. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," the national
5:58 am
debate over gun control getting center stage right here in the bay area this morning, as thousands of people are expected to make their way to the cow palace for a gun show, why organizers say attendance at this weekend's show will be higher than ever. that and all the day's top stories coming up for you at 7:00. we have more local news coming up for you in just 30 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
5:59 am
this is what it looks in north dakota. parts of the rockies waking up to blizzard warnings this morning and the plain states. cold weather may be typical for january in north dakota, but with near zero visibility, the north dakota department of transportation has told drivers to stay home. you can see why. >> the east coast, a pleasant surprise today. unseasonably warm weather. greeting a crowd in the plaza as they wave hello. many of them without gloves. right now, the shot shows everybody with gloves. our thanks to them superspending part of their saturday with us. we'll take a look at what is going on with the topsy turvy temperatures in just a moment. welcome back to "today." it's saturday. coming up, the flu outbreak is now an epidemic. >> it has so many people
6:00 am
talking. a lot of people concerned. there are new signs that the flu season could be peaking, which would be welcome news. we have a live report from a busy hospital that has seen hundreds of cases a day. >> a chicago man wins a million dollar lottery, then he dies of cyanide poisoning days after receivering his winning check. sounds suspicious? investigators feel the same way. >> plus, we're looking ahead to tomorrow's golden globe awards. amy poehler and tina fey are hosting the awards. hosting the show, bringing fun to the show, which is typically a pretty fun show anyway. >> i have been enjoying their promos. >> i love their promos. so we're looking forward to that. we begin though this hour with the weather. parts of calf really feeling the big chill while here on the east
6:01 am
coast, it feels like spring for many people. dillon is tracking it all from upstairs. this is keeping you busy this weekend. >> a little bit of everything and it's going to continue to be a wild weekend of weather. a major storm is working it way across the country. meanwhile, people on both coasts may be feeling like they're traded places. what's going on? >> it's not like the california i grew up with. >> winter weather on the west coast with spring-like temperatures across new york, boston, and much of the northeast. while in the carolinas, the thermometer could hit 70 this weekend. that's what you might expect in southern california in january, but not lately. it's nearly freezing in dag. in sant amman caw, you need a heavy coat and a scarf to go outside. orange farmers worried about their crops. >> it's going to get cold, probably 27, 28 tonight, is my guess. >> meanwhile, across the northern plains, a major system brought blizzard conditions to north dakota. roads were treacherous all over
6:02 am
friday. >> just kind of slid into the side, yeah. and some nice people stopped and helped me. >> 22 inches of snow fell in utah. >> when i started shoveling, it came up to me knees. >> there's one benefit. >> i have never seen this much snow before, but we got out of school. >> things started off brights and sunny in colorado, but a snow storm blasted in and was gone as quickly as it came. >> i went to work at 8:30, and i came out at 11:00, or something like that, and it was covered. >> it's expected to be cane 16 e degrees at today's playoff game in denver. in south, tornadoes churned up rivers and roads and rivers are still rising. and as for snow across the northern plains, we're still seeing snow advisories and even blizzard warnings posted across portions of the dakotas. the snow itself is winding down, but now it's all about the wind
6:03 am
and it's blowing snow that's still going to make conditions treacherous for travelers out that way. we're not looking for a whole lot of additional snow, but it's the wind and windchill that feels like it's 15 to 25 degrees below zero right now when you have those winds gusting up to 30 to 35 miles per hour and it's g not going to warm up soon. it's sitting in the western half of the country where temperatures will be below normal by about 27 degrees. on the flip side of that, we're enjoying temperatures about 30 degrees above norman on the eastern side of the country. ohio, kentucky, tennessee, temperatures should be in the 70s and lower 80s. that's even above average for florida. we're talking about the country being divided in half with the eastern half of the kruntry enjoying the nicest weather. >> thank you. we'll get your national frars in a few minutes. now to the latest on the nation's flu outbreak. the flu virus is now widespread
6:04 am
in almost every state, but there are some positive signs that the season could be peaking. gabe gutierrez is outside a hospital in [ ln for us. good morning. >> lester, good morning. there are encouraging signs that the flu activity might be leveling off in some parts of the south, but across the country, places like this are the front lines. doctors say they're very busy and they're not sure when it will stop. clearly, there is nothing fun about the flu. but now it's officially an epidemic. the disease widespread in 47 states, up from the week before. so far, at least 20 children have died. >> everyone in my office is sick right now. and everyone seems to have gotten it. >> flu season usually lasts about three months. the cdc says we're not even halfway through. >> i suspect in most parts of the country, we'll continue to see influenza activity for a
6:05 am
couple more weeks. >> while health officials think the flu might have peaked in some spots like the south, interest is high. the blue dots on the plap show the rising google searches for the word flu from mid-september to earlier this month. it's so bad the archdiocese of boston wants parishioners to pow instead of shaking hands and has suspended wine in communion. >> in new york, mass transit agents are warning people to cover coughers, and in iowa, abbey white is rushing to get the flu shot to protect herself and her 3-month-old daughter. >> hopefully she doesn't get it and i don't either. >> dr. john marshal runs the er in brooklyn. he said this month about a third hof the kids here have had flu-like symptoms. >> this year in particular, there's an increase, not just in the flu, but also a neurovirus and a whooping cough going on simultaneous which is causing more people presenting at the
6:06 am
hospital to look for care. >> for this woman, trips to the hospital are getting old. her family already sick for nine days. my 8-month-old has it, moo 2 1/2-year-old has it, my husband has it, i have it. >> now her 5-year-old is in the e.r. >> very frustrating, but i'm trying to keep it together. >> a preliminary report this week rated the flu vaccine this year as 62% effective. that may sound low, but experts say it's actually pretty good and doctors here and across the country are stressing that people really need to get that flu shot. lester? >> gabe gutierrez, tnk you. time for a check of the morning pfsz other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, you guys. good morning, everyone. in what could be his first public admission, lance armstrong is planning to admit to doping in an interview next week with oprah winfrey. "usa today" says armstrong plans to tell oprah he used performance enhancing drugs
6:07 am
throughout his career. there's been no confirmation from armstrong or his attorney. >> there's a warning from the department of homeland security, one that effects hundreds of millions of people. it advises people to temporarily disable the java software on their computers. an army sergeant from north dakota will become only the fourth living service member ever to be given the nation's top haner for courage in iraq or afghanistan. he will be given the medal of honor by president obama next month. he's been praised for ignoring his own battle wounds to rescue the injured and retrieve the dead in an ambush in 2009 with 300 fighters in afghanistan. >> robert f. kennedy jr. was convinced it was not one lone gunman responsible for the death of his uncle john f. kennedy, but he won't say why.
6:08 am
he also said his father believed the warren commission report was a, quote, shoddy piece of craftmanship. they were interviewed last night in dallas as a year of observance begins for the 5050th anniversary of the president's death. and finally, if for your whole life, all you ever did day in and day out was run around a track as fast as you can, you would at one point have a wild fantasy about driving off course one day. this horse had that fantasy. he was heading back to the barn when he bolted for greener pastures, said i'm tired of the track, tossed the jockey, escaped from the lairal race track and was free for two minutes. another jockey and trainer followed the 4-year-old named bullet catcher in a truck. they were able to catch him a few miles down the road in front of a car dealership where apparently the horse read about a good lease. that's the news. now back to you. >> what are the odds of that? >> not good.
6:09 am
>> the lease you mean, right? >> there aren't that many good leases now. >> dillon is back. she's got a check of the national forecast. >> good morning, we are enjoying really nice temperatures across the east coast. it's going to stick around into the start of next week. it's not a short-lived event. the rain is going to sit across portions of the ohio river valley to the gulf coast for a little while longer. we could see severe storms break out across eastern texas into western tennessee, and we could end up with heavier rain, three inches of rain is possible across portions of tennessee and arkansas. west of that front, we are seeing very cold temperatures, windchills right now are about 20 degrees below zero, and it's going to stay cold out that way for quite some time. the east coast will likely see near record breaking temperatures, especially as we go into tomorrow where washington, d.c. should top out close to 70 degrees. hope the cherry blossoms don't get too confused.
6:10 am
highs in sunday in florida topping out in the 80s. really warm temperatures up and >> outside this morning temperatures in the low 30s around the north bay and east bay. 40s in san francisco, 35 in san jose so patchy frost very likely again for inland valleys. we'll see mostly sunny skies, a few clouds this afternoon as the system drops down along the coast, upper 40s to low 50s for highs today. it's tomorrow morning that looks colder. we'll get continued clearing overnight so some frost likely to kick off tomorrow morning and turning warmer for the middle part of the week. >> that's your latest forecast. >> there are new developments this morning in the mysterious murder of a chicago man who won a $1 million lottery jackpot. >> reporter: after a brief court hearing on friday, a chicago judge gave the go-ahead for body of this man to be exhumed. >> if that's what it takes to
6:11 am
bring justice for him and bring peace, then that's what needs to be done. >> it's a striking twist to a case that began last summer an the 46-year-old businessman won a million dollars in the illinois lottery. >> i donate in a lot of churches and everything. >> reporter: less than a month later, khan died, shortly after he received his winnings. >> he's a healthy person. i can't even believe. >> that night, khan's sister woke up to a phone call. >> screaming on the phone. i couldn't understand what was going on. i couldn't understand, and the call was from his number. >> khan was found dead, initially determined to be from natural causes, but his family asked authorities to investigate further. >> if new information comes to light, we do revisit cases and reopen them. >> investigators say the new cause of death, homicide by cyanide poisoning.
6:12 am
>> it's a very lethal drug. it's a chemical poison. it is basically a biochemical level. so a little bit does go a long way with it. >> khan's family is suspicious behind the motive for his murder. >> he didn't die naturally. something happened to him. >> in probate court documents, khan's brother says he wants to insure khan's daughter from another marriage received her properly share of lottery winnings. >> his wife would not talk to us on camera but said he had no enemies. i know i love my husband and that's no one would kill him. khan's sister is still in mourning. >> he was very lovely, very friendly. best brother in the world. >> a loving family still searching for answers. for "today" kevin tibbles, nbc
6:13 am
news, chicago. >> still to come, tina fey and amy poehler have been making us laugh for a long time now. now they have a successful sitcom, so what can we expect from them together as hosts of the golden globes? we'll have a preview. >> next, fans on both sides of the pond want to know how could a painting of one of the world's most beautiful women go so wrong. that's right after these messages. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
6:14 am
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6:16 am
it's been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but duchess of cambridge described her portrait as absolutely brilliant, but critics and commoners alike are expressing a different sentiment. duncan, good morning. >> good morning, lester. this week, kate turned 31, but critics are accusing an artist of making her look much older, even worse, they say her first portrait is rotten, dire, and disappointing. after a difficult start to her pregnancy, a sighting of the duchess is rare these days, but for kate and william, this was a special day, the unveiling of her first official portrait. kate, as seen by the artist. the duchess called it amazing. william said it was beautiful, but the art critics had their knives out. >> is there a scale for truly earthquake awfulness?
6:17 am
if so, this is very high on the richter scale for awfulness. it's an earthquake. a tsunami. should we start with the mouth. that's out of perspective. but then we could start with the nose, which is very distorted and very large and she doesn't have a nose remotely like that. the eyes are wrong. i could go on. >> one newspaper called the portrait a catastrophe with hamster cheeks while another says it's kate age 51. and get ready for the incident makeover. remember the ruined jesus makeover, critics have done it to poor kate. visitors to the gallery are kinder. >> she definitely looks older and a little more mature -- >> a nice way of saying old? >> kind of, yeah. still looks great. >> kate chose the artist herself and sat twice for him. a request to be looking natural, not official. >> i think from what i can see
6:18 am
this morning, she's delighted. i'm very happy about that. >> so, too, were kate's family who had a private viewing. the royal couple enjoyed their trip to the gallery, even getting distracted by themselves. it was their engagement picture capturing the kate we're more used to seeing in all of her beauty. kate is still taking it easy. she has no public engagements planned in the next couple weeks, but we are expecting to find out her baby's due date. >> thanks very much. more than 9,000 people have commented on kate's picture. what did you guys think? >> she's a beautiful woman. but i do think that the pictures look a little more like the photographs. >> they seem a little lifeless. it seems a little lifeless. >> i do think it ages her a little bit. but remember in grammar school, you get your school picture back and you saw it and you're like, oh, that's not good. that's how i feel.
6:19 am
>> lester, retake, maybe? >> i think she is -- i think we're out of time. still ahead, we'll find out why women are saying no to a lifetime of dieting. >> this is "today" on nbc. "toda. >> run with it. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!"
6:20 am
share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
6:21 am
still to come, can still to come on "today" can you guess what this is? a high-tech solution to a daunting task. >> interesting, we're in the stroke of that right now. >> plus, he's rolling in the dough. the world's fastest pizza maker is here to show us how he can make a pie in less than a minute. ♪ ♪
6:22 am
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6:25 am
good morning. looking live from our emeryville camera toward the bay bridge and it is a very chilly start to the morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda with a forecast that includes that 49er playoff game. >> maybe they have their 49ers gear on winter coats. low 30s inland around the north bay and east bay, 32 in livermore, 35 san jose, patchy frost as reported by kris sanchez around san jose. game time how about 49er degrees get the game started and mid-40s as the game goes on so candlestick standards, a little bit chilly, you can see why. the cold air dropping from the north, clouds up to our west that will keep showers off the seashore later on this afternoon, pushing a few high
6:26 am
clouds away. 49 degrees around candlestick in san francisco, low 50s inland tomorrow morning, shaping up to be colder, upper 20s and 30s again, but dry weather, very dry weather for this time of the year. >> i wish i had some leg warmers. >> you need them. >> thank you very much, rob. a showdown over gun control law is taking place in the bay area this morning. gun show is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. up to 10,000 people are expected to crowd into the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace this weekend and they can expect plenty of protesters to greet them. the show includes more than 150 vendors selling everything from guns and ammunition to knives and jewelry. crossroads officials say that attendance at the shows across the country has roughly doubled in the last few weeks ñr over concern that congress and the president are about to approve stricter gun laws. the gun show's owner bob templeton was one of those discussing the new proposal with
6:27 am
vice president joe biden earlier this beak. >> we'd like to see mental health issues addressed, we feel we need more community help, resources, those are the things we think need to be addressed before we go down the slippery slope of gun control. >> reporter: sean richards started brothers against guns in san francisco's bay view after his brother was shot and killed in 1995. that group is just one of many expected to be out in force protesting the show later this morning. millions of people are being warned this morning to disable their java software because of a security weakness. the department of homeland security says oracle makes the computer vulnerable from viruss to ransomware which can force users to pay to log back into their own computers. oracle will issue a fix on tuesday, until then, disable the
6:28 am
software. later we hear from the family of murdered student michelle le. all of that coming up on "today in the bay" and more on the frosty forecast. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
6:29 am
back now on a saturday morning, january 12, 2013. some friends on the plaza. shaping up to be an unseasonably warm weekend here in new york city which no one is complaining about. not the case in other part of the country, unfortunately. we'll tell you about our warmth and sunshine. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt, jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. coming up with the new year, people are starting diet and exercise. there are also people saying forget the diets. a new study finds the dieting season isn't what it used to be. more and more americans, especially women, saying forget the diet. follow the advice of my mother, cheryl hill. a -- she will tell you a diet never works, you have to change your eating. >> it's the same. following hard, fast rules.
6:30 am
>> cheryl is not here, but we'll have more on that. >> more on her advice. the golden globes are tomorrow night. amy pohler, tina fey hosting this year. we'll look at how these funny ladies are expected to bring a new vibe to hollywood's favorite party. and you ever get to an airport or commute to work and you look up and there's a flight of step or escalator and you can take one or other and you guilt yourself into taking the steps sometimes? we'll show you what's being done in one community to get people a little more physically active as we look back at what has you talking on line. we'll probably take the steps every single time, guaranteed it. >> like it. and this man is the world's fastest pizzamaker. he can make a pie in less than 30 seconds. >> so upset -- >> i know. he's really angry at the dough. we'll put him and our own peas-making skills to the test. -- pizza-making skills to the test. >> and have breakfast. >> first, weather. >> breakfast of champions, right? we're going to see really nice weather across the east.
6:31 am
it's not warm yet, but it's going to get warm, i promise. later this afternoon, temperatures in the northeast topping out in the upper 50s. and it gets even warmer on sunday. you see the cold front, though. it is slowly, ever so slowly moving eastward. we could see severe storms break out from northeast texas through arkansas, right up to western tennessee. we are looking at still snow showers across extreme northern minnesota where another several inches of snow could fall. it's more it the blowing snow in that area and windchills right now are about 25 degrees below zero. that cold front slowly moves eastward. you can see where the rain is tomorrow. rain from lake erie down into the gulf of mexico. we could see some heavy rain fall again through kentucky and tennessee. record high temperatures, though, possible across the mid-atlantic, down into the southeast. we're looking at highs to be nearly 30 degrees above normal. perfect timing for the weekend, and the coldest point of the day around the bay area right now, seeing low 30s to the north bay and east bay valleys with
6:32 am
patchy frost likely this morning and partly cloudy skies this afternoon, we have one weather system there offshore that is going to spin along the coastline, dropping south, tossing a few clouds away for the afternoon, upper 40s to low 50s for highs today and then the skies clear overnight. tonight another cold night into tomorrow morning, with 20s and 30s again possible for sunday morning, cool finish to the weekend and a dry start to the work week. blahs. >> of course you can always get your weather forecast on you guys are from buffalo, were you hoping for colder weather? >> it seems to be up and down, so we're prepared for either now. >> either/or. you have to be. and you have a 7th birthday -- you want to say happy birthday? >> hi, haley. >> chris -- >> the dvr's work, right? >> the dvr's working now. had trouble earlier. erica? >> dylan, thanks. it's that time of year when many people are focused on losing weight, starting fresh in the new year. a new study shows dieting may be going out of style.
6:33 am
the new trend -- self acceptance even if are you overweight. and as mara schiavocampo reports, many women are trading in diet plans for a new approach to healthy living. >> reporter: it's the most common of resolutions -- >> 23 pounds in just six weeks. oh, yeah. >> reporter: to lose weight in the new year. >> i was always on some new life-stopping diet. >> and then, weight watchers. >> reporter: and january officially marks the peak of dieting season. but a new study by the npd group, a consumer research firm that studies trends, indicates the dieting season is not what it used to be. and more americans are ditching their diets. close to 20% of adults reported being on a diet last year, down from 31% in 1991. >> go. >> reporter: women are leading the way in the decline. 23% said they were on a diet in 2012 compared to 34% 20 years ago. analysts say the trend is part of a more relaxed attitude toward weight overall as the number of overweight americans
6:34 am
grows, so does acceptance in what's described as one of the biggest changes in health attitudes of the last 30 years. the same study found 23% say thin people are more attractive than their overweight counterparts. that's down drastically from the 55% who said so in 1995. >> you can look great at any size. >> reporter: >> being beautiful comes from within. >> reporter: experts say it's reflected on tv where stars like christina hendricks, j. lo, and kim kardashian are revered for their curvy figures. >> we love these women because they own their curves, they have a high self-esteem. and it doesn't look like they're starving themselves. >> reporter: lisa pavorini knows a thing or two about dieting. >> i have bon every diet. i tried them all, nothing worked. about a year ago i decided i needed to change the way i relate to food. >> reporter: with two young daughters, she wanted to show them how to have a healthy relationship with food. she stopped counting calories
6:35 am
and started paying attention to the types of foods she was putting in her body. >> i went from having a bunch of rules what i can eat and don't eat this or that to a simple way of eating. >> reporter: she immediately stopped eating processed food and anything that came in packages. >> i started to feel better. i had more energy, and i felt like i had more control. >> reporter: she even lost the ten pounds she'd been trying to shed for decades. >> i feel like i wasted a lot of time dieting. >> reporter: people are more knowledgeable about eating healthy. >> we know that diet is a bad word. it's something you go on temporarily, then you go off. so you have that yo-yo dieting, and nobody wants that. >> reporter: the new trend for the new year may be new diet at all. for "today," mara schiavocampo, nbc news, new york. up next, what can we expect from tina fey and amy pohler as they host the golden globes? a preview of tomorrow's show. first, these messages. nature knows all about baking.
6:36 am
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6:38 am
tape a cheetah to her back? seems like you have thought about this before. [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. faster is better. and the iphone 5 downloads fastest on at&t 4g. ♪ this morning we're counting down to the golden globes. the show is one day away. funny ladies from "snl," tina fey and amy pohler, are hosting. the duo are expected to provide double the laughs. kristen dahlgren reports from los angeles. good evening, my fellow americans. [ laughter ] >> reporter: among hollywood's best known best friends. >> now i know it must be a little bit strange for all of you to see the two of us together. >> reporter: from "saturday night live" -- >> this is your prenatal vitamin. >> you're serious? >> reporter: to the big screen -- >> i can't do it. >> reporter: amy pohler and tina fey have kept us laughing.
6:39 am
>> it seems to me that when cornered, you become increasingly adorable. is that fair to say? >> i don't know, is it? >> reporter: the comedy queens are about to take on a new role. hosts of the golden globes. >> the big thing is that television and film get to be together. so the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the horrible, disgusting people of television. and that's always nice to see. >> these two -- there's nothing they can't do it seems like. and they actually seem to be enjoying it. >> reporter: pohler and fey really are friends off screen and have been for years. >> we were at an improv group together at improv olympic, what 50 years ago? >> reporter: they've come a long way. and at the 70th annual golden globes, they'll become the first female duo to host, taking over for three-time and sometimes controversial host ricky gervais. >> what's with all the divorces? what's going on? i mean, arnold and maria, j. lo and marc anthony, ashton and
6:40 am
demi, kim kardashian and some guy no one will remember. >> reporter: this year's show may not be without its own controversy with both pohler and fey competing for the same golden globe -- best actress in a tv comedy. pohler for "parks and recreation" -- >> check out that -- >> reporter: and fey for "30 rock." >> do you know who else was married? ted bundy. is he still alive? >> with any other two people, that could get extremely awkward. i have no doubt that those women will have a ton of fun with it. >> reporter: of course the globes are known as the most fun awards show thank in part to some 6,500 glasses of champagne expected to be served. a fact that isn't lost on the latest hosts. >> filled with surprises -- >> and extreme pageantry -- >> reporter: with these two at the helm of the show where anything goes, the one thing you can be sure of -- >> sloppy, loud party. >> reporter: expect some hilarious hijinx. for "today," kristen dahlgr dah
6:41 am
hollywood. >> love them. >> so excited. >> i know. >> you know, ricky gervais -- i'm a big fan. he's funny. >> he was funny. but not everybody thought so. >> a little edgy. edgy's a nice word for raunchy. >> we weren't the ones made fun of. >> that's true. >> makes it easier to laugh. >> true. >> true. we look forward to that. and matt, savannah, al, and natalie will be live on the red carpet tomorrow night. they are hosting nbc's golden globes preshow special at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific time. on monday on "today," they'll be live in los angeles with an exclusive look at the big night and a backstage pass to all of the events and parties. a big, big time. >> very little sleep to be had by all. >> if any. >> true. fun to watch them tuesday when they're here. up next, a new use for your ipad. first, this is "today." customer satisfaction is at 97%.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
this morning on "today's" weekly rewind, we look at the most clicked on, talked about, and too cute not to mention stories. jenna is here with more. >> first up, you know how you commute to work and oftentimes when you're commuting to work you appropan escalator and a -- you approach an escalator and steps and you want to be good but instead hop on the escalator? here's an idea. in sao paolo, brazil, they have a staircase fitted with piano keys underneath that activate with a piano sound with each step. part of a project to promote physical activity. the next time you have a choice, you might as well make music. it's cute. they put some video up there. they put a couple camera, people were surprised. they enjoyed eit. would it work in new york? >> unless they work together to make a chord -- >> there is no melody.
6:45 am
>> i like it. >> yeah. >> i like it. >> i wonder if we're too jaded as new yorkers to be stopped on the way to work -- >> there will be a influx of youtube videos. they do it at fao schwartz but are doing it on the steps to the subway. >> i would take it. >> next up for all you baby and pupper lovers. i'm talking to -- puppy lovers. i'm talking to dylan and lester. the contest for the cutest baby and puppy spooning photo is officially over. i guess dog is man's best friend and puppy is baby's best binky. cute. >> i have to admit i've napped with my dog like that. >> me, too. >> she's so snuggly. like a warm pillow. >> i can speak for lester when i will say, i'm sure -- never slept with a dog. never. >> well -- >> i napped with a dog, that's all. >> you know, that's just a -- >> i know.
6:46 am
phrased that -- >> like slow-pitch softball here. >> we'll move on from that. next up, for children just a little bit older, i'm going to ask this -- ask you ever had to use the bathroom but not badly enough to pull yourself away from your ipad? a potty with a stand to hold an ipad. it says it -- makers stay can be used for entertainment or to help children toilet train. somebody explain the entertainment part to me. it is splash proof. as i just learned, apparently you -- >> okay. >> you sit it o it the other way. i didn't know -- >> you sit facing the ipad. >> facing the -- >> think of it as a book or newspaper. >> right. >> am i am loued to say what i said off camera? you download what you download. >> yes. >> whether i was allowed or not, i said it. >> you both have two boys. i'm curious -- i guess killers can use it, too. >> my boys are in their 20s.
6:47 am
but thank you for asking. >> i only had one who's still potty training, i don't give him my ipad anyway. >> all right. >> sorry to answer the question. >> finally, an update on twiggy the waterskiing squirrel. >> finally. >> a woman's legend -- a legend in the squirrel community. this weekend she's in the mile high city. twig twiggy's owner says she'll throw support behind the broncos in the playoff game by wearing a tiny lifejacket with the team's logo. because you don't want to see the squirrel have a hard time swimming. i mean, i'm not sure it needs i -- needs a followup comment. >> i find that squirrel funny every time i see it. >> hilarious. >> whoever woke up and said i'm going to put a squirrel on a waterski. >> brilliant. >> it work. >> we'll be back with the fastest pizzamaker.
6:48 am
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very interesting. cool. i like "success." joy. i got cracker chips. [ laughing ] chocolatey pretzel. mmmm.... special k! [ female announcer ] snack and stay on track with special k. i like "confidence." i am a confident lady. [ laughter ] something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new
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♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup try our entrees, snacks and new salads. salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy over 130 tasty varieties, anytime. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. this morning on "today's kitchen," pizza in record time. bruno defabio is the reigning champion with six titles under his belt. he wants to make it in the guinness book of records by becoming the official fastest pizza maker in the world. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> why do you want to be the fastest pizza maker?
6:51 am
>> i think it's a crowning achievement. bragging rights in new york, pizza makers, everybody who goes to a pizzeria in new york wants their pizza right away. it takes skill to be on the bench in a friday and blast the pizzas out in a timely fashion. bragging rights. i want to have my name in the guinness records. >> i feel like i'm interviewing somebody in the locker room before the big game. >> almost that way. >> how do you become the fastest? is it practice, practice, practice? >> i've been making pizza for 30 years. i started at my grandfather's restaurant in the upper west side of manhattan, tony's italian kitchen, when i was 10. eight years ago on a whim, i was at the convention -- >> a pizza convention? >> the pizza convention. for a couple seminars, marketing seminars. then on a whim i entered a competition. there was about 150 competitors, and i finished second place to the world champion. i knew i had a certain talent that i could -- >> talent. >> yes. >> mad skills. say. i have mad skills. >> i want to see your work. can we put the clock on you?
6:52 am
>> sure. let's do it. >> and let's look -- >> we'll do new york pizza, 16-inch pizza. >> cheese sauce -- >> sauce and cheese. ready? >> ready, set, go. ♪ >> the flour's flying, ladies and gentlemen. >> look at the face on bruno. i like the concentration. >> you don't even look like you're stressing out. >> that's the new york slap i showed you there. >> the new york slap? >> i'm going to look for that when you do it. yeah. and -- >> 17. 18 -- >> awesome. >> 19. >> there -- >> that's how you do it right there. >> wow! 23 seconds. [ buzzer ] >> wow. impressive. and there's a little dough stretching going on there, right? >> so the guinness record that i'm shooting for is just the skills record. not sauce and cheese. just the fastest five does, and i'm looking to do it in less than 25 seconds. >> five -- >> first different does. i'll doing it in 25 seconds. that's how i'm doing it in practice. >> when you go for the record? >> that's right. >> the biggest part is the
6:53 am
stretching of the dough? >> yeah, the stretching of the dough. new york style has heavy cheese. leave a pretty big crust. that's what we all talk about, how great the crust is. we're doing cheese and then sauce? >> yes, use plenty of flour. i want to see you smacking the dough down. think about speed, as well. >> well -- >> i thought we were starting. i didn't -- >> wait. >> we have a cheater? are you trying to get an unfair advantage? >> why don't you start us. >> all right. >> three, two, one. begin. ♪ >> nice. pretty even so far. ♪ [ laughter ] >> perfectly. >> there you go. lester's got it -- >> you got your ladle there? >> yes. >> all right! >> you're a natural. i love it. >> dylan, yours is definitely --
6:54 am
>> all right. ♪ >> i think it's good. >> done. mine's done. >> done. >> all right. well -- ♪ >> for dexterity and overall -- >> dexterity? >> i would -- i take erica's. >> have i told you how much we enjoyed having you here this morning? >> i was going for the taco look here with mine. kind of taco -- >> a calzone? >> it took stretching. >> you use great toppings, it's delicio delicious. >> when do we get to eat the rest of the pizza? >> we're ready to go. i brought new york style, romanos -- >> the true new york style, it's about the water -- >> i really -- >> bagels? >> honestly, i don't buy that. i think it's -- everything is time and temperature sensitive. i don't think it's the water. how you treat raw ingredients. >> good luck to you. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> keep us posted. >> thank you very much.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning to you. looking live from our camera in san francisco, one of them, and you see coit tower, alcatraz in the difference. folks on the ground are bundled up. most of the bay area is in the 30s with some areas dipping into the 20s, freeze warning in effect for, you said it was canceled. >> at midnight it didn't like we
6:59 am
were going to dip too far into the 20s. tomorrow morning the freeze watch is up so expectations are we likely will have frees warnings up for this time tomorrow morning. it's cold no matter how you describe it. 30 degrees santa rosa, novato, napa, livermore through the north bay and east bay valleys, cold enough for patchy frost and san jose 35 degrees. 49ers forecast heading out to the game we're calling for 49 degrees to start the game. that's a good sign. partly cloudy skies, cool temperatures, it will feel good to be bundled up with everybody at candlestick, trying to keep yourself warm out there. we have a system dropping down the clouds, going to instill clouds your way. hour by hour into the afternoon no rain showing up but with that cool northerly flow that brings in dry air from the north highs today only upper 40s to low 50s and tonight looks colder than the temperatures we're seeing now. we'll talk about that more in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> i think it's a good sign that it's 49. >> that was a very good sign. >> thank you very much, rob. the murder of michelle le is now in


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